Water & Ice

Why our water is different

Our 10-stage water treatment plant

People ask us, why is your water so different?

We begin with the City of Phoenix tap water and run it through a 10 stage purification process.

We remove the minerals, the chemicals and any microbial contamination that may be in the water. The secondary disinfection treatment after ultra violet light is “ozonation” which also disinfects your bottle as you are filling it. Then the ozone, “O3”  reverts back to oxygen.
This thorough process allows our water to be used for any “distilled” water purpose. We are extremely conscientious regarding system maintenance and you really can taste the difference.

Water Connection

Self-service purified water

Self-service water and ice

You are welcome to bring in any of your own bottles to refill,  or we sell a wide variety of bottles in our store.

We have a coin-operated window vending system for after hour refills which accommodates all sizes. Window unit accommodates 1-3-5gal bottles. Quarters work the best. 

Self-service vending machine for purified water
Purified ice in 5 lb and 10 lb bags

We sell purified ice, that we make right here in our store, from our delicious clean clear water. We bag it ourselves so you always get the freshest ice. It is so clear you can hardly see it in a glass of our water.

Bags and blocks

Always fresh purified ice

All of your beverages will taste better with “purified ice.” We have 8 and 20 lb bags of cubes and 8 lb blocks. You will never go back to grocery store ice.