Our recipe beats the heat

Hawaiian shaved ice

Our Hawaiian shaved ice is so wonderfully refreshing because…


We start with ice from our own purified water.

There’s no place for tap water in our finished product—only crystal clear ice from the best-tasting crystal clear water for miles around. Once the ice is shaved, we pile mounds of fluffy snow into cups.

Our 39 delicious syrups are made from scratch!

Our 39 delicious syrups are made from scratch! Water Connection’s simple syrup is made with real cane sugar and our purified water. Shaved ice customers have difficult decisions to make—which of 39 delicious syrups to mix and match.




Treating yourself to Water Connection’s shaved ice is habit-forming and may influence your entire team, club, and/or social network.

Also available…

We have “Sour Stuff,” creamy topping, and Torani® sugar-free syrups!

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