CellFood Inventor Dr. Everett Storey

In 1946, Everett Storey – a man called ‘a genius’ by Albert Einstein – was engaged in an exhaustive process of exploring the fundamental laws of matter. Storey was a physical chemist, microbiologist, publisher, and author. Storey was an expert in “Heavy Water” and in the uses of Deuterium, the non-radioactive isotope of Hydrogen. He worked on the American top-secret “Manhattan Project” and developed the triggering mechanism enabling the Hydrogen Bomb to exist. A Humanitarian and lover of life, Everett Storey vowed after the war to never again have anything to do with destruction of any kind. He made it a Statement of Policy of his laboratories. “There are to many human needs to be filled for us to waste our time and energies on negative pursuits”. After the war, Storey and his colleagues discovered a more personal crisis: they were dying of radiation poisoning, a result of their exposure while witnessing bomb tests. It was then that Storey developed the conceptual blueprint for Cellfood. He theorized that the very same water-splitting technology could be used to heal a human life. By utilizing hydrogen’s deuterium isotope, and a blend of the required trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids, he would create a solution— an ‘electromagnetic equation’— that could release vital oxygen and hydrogen into his bloodstream, remove toxic radiation, nourish and rebuild his systems, and return him to health. From this, he created CELLFOOD® (Deuterium Sulfate), a product he claimed was the key to any disease treatment in the world.Saved by his very own invention, Storey lived a long, healthful and productive life. And while Storey has been credited with many discoveries, his favorite achievement was designing a substance to heal the body and restore the environment; CELLFOOD®. Everett L. Storey’s formula has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent Hydrogen and nascent Oxygen. This splitting of the water molecule results in the release of nascent Hydrogen and Oxygen gases simultaneously in a chain reaction that only involves about one five-hundred thousandth of the available moisture in the body at one time. This results in an additional source of Oxygen. Genius.In 1985, the United States Congress passed the DEUTERIUM FREEDOM ACT OF 1985, in which Storey was recognized for his amazing work and the development of CELLFOOD®. In 1995, CELLFOOD® was classified as a nutritional supplement and not as a drug or patented medicine.