self-serve purified drinking water

Highest quality purified drinking water

Our water was voted 
“Best of Phoenix” 
back in 1998 and still is the best

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We are a self service water processing plant in a retail setting!

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water and Ice


And beyond!

The Water Connection is located in the Arcadia Village Shopping Center at 40th St. & Camelback Road. From Central to far East and West Phoenix metro areas, customers come to the store with their empty water bottles and refill them. If they don’t have water bottles, we sell just about any type of bottle that exists!

The beauty of this system is that you have complete control over when and how much water you need at a fraction of the price you will pay for delivered water or other bottled water.  We even have a 24 hour vending system so you are able to refill your bottles when the store is closed.


Water & Ice


Treat yourself

We make purified ice from our beautifully clean water and sell it by the bag in two sizes. We also have blocks of ice for sale, but by far, the most favorite form is our delicious Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Our shaved ice syrup comes in a variety of flavor that we actually make from scratch with our purified water and cane sugar—so it does not contain high fructose corn syrup!  We carry a line of sugar free flavors also. We are very generous with the syrups too!


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