Water Connection carries a wide variety of bottles in glass, plastic and stainless steel.  Water dispensers for floor or counter-top, room temperature or hot/cold.  Come in to see everything we offer.

Emergency Water Storage Solutions 

Water Connection has a wide variety of emergency water storage solutions: 15-gallon, 30-gallon and 55-gallon storage barrels, siphon pumps, and boxed water kits designed for long-term storage.

Experts estimate that in the event of an emergency … you will need a gallon of water per person per day.  Our boxed water kits are designed for long term storage.  We are sampling a box in the store that was filled in June of 2006 and it tastes as good as the water just filtered.  Don’t wait, this is too important.

Remineralizing “purified” drinking water


I can’t be selective on what to filter out of water and what to leave in (ie. good minerals).

Concentrace trace minerals will re-establish the beneficial ionic trace minerals, where it all starts. When mineral levels are met you assimilate other nutrients more completely.

This is how you can make your own mineral water for pennies.

Cellfood is the one product that I never want to be without.  This miracle in a bottle contains: enhanced oxygen, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and electrolytes.  All the building blocks of life. Adding to purified water daily you will begin to experience healing in ways you never dreamed. Read about the Cell Food inventor Dr. Everette Storey at the bottom of our information page (here)



I have been selling Rainshow’r dechlorinating filters for over 20 years.  Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials.  I use the Gard’n Gro in my own organic vegetable garden and my fruit trees get the same good water.  The CQ-1000 shower filter is awesome for hair (especially color treated) and skin.  It is the chlorine that dries out our hair and skin, not the hardness in the water.  Also you will not inhale the chlorine vapors or absorb the toxic chlorine through your skin.